We have traditional cooking instructions listed on each product...but that doesn't mean you can't get creative.

Time to think 'Outside The Box.'

Here we are able to visually demonstrate the versatility of the VandeRueben® and other homemade Belgian Village products...as well as give you some ideas you maybe hadn't thought of!

Raisin Bread3.png

Here are a few Belgian Village

Non-Traditional Creations

*Attempt non-traditional preparation methods at your own risk. See full disclaimer below.

*Disclaimer: Any preparations besides that which are listed on the Belgian Village product label are considered non-traditional and are done at your own discretion and risk. Belgian Village is not liable for the outcome. These ideas are provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Belgian Village is not suggesting you must use them and in most cases will not provide instructions. They're just delicious ideas! Food for thought! Meant to inspire creativity and demonstrate versatility...Enjoy!